Franchesca Guzman is a writer, dancer, educator, activist and entrepreneur from Cayey, Puerto Rico. Although she grew up predominantly in the United States living most of her life in Texas, her love of the island is strong. In 1998, at the age of 13, her poem "Reflection" was published in Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. In 2007, she self-published and illustrated a children's book about Puerto Rico. Franchesca earned her bachelor's degree in Sociology from Texas Woman's University in 2012 and completed her Master of Arts in English Literature at Mercy College in 2018. Her passion for cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion has inspired much of her work. She has been a K-12 teacher for eleven years. She lives with her husband, Agustín, and their three children Emeterio Albizu, Cacique Taíno and Felipe Yoruba.

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